SamElyon Residence

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Designed for those who seek a more spacious and immersive experience, our residence offers a refined blend of home-like comfort and the exceptional services of a hotel  within walking distance (50 meters) to SamElyon Hotel, where every guest can benefit from all services and amenities.

Enjoy the mesmerizing view of the picturesque Rila mountain while being accommodated in one of our lush two- or three-bedroom maisonettes, where you can enjoy a spacious yard or a vast loggia with a private jacuzzi.

To experience ultimate relaxation, our guests can enjoy one of the luxury villas with a dedicated private wellness and spa zone or unwind in front of the fireplace while overlooking the spectacular mountain scenery through floor-to-ceiling windows.


190 sq.m.
max. 4 persons
Private yard
As you step into these residences, you'll be greeted by an expanse of beauty and functionality of these 190 sq.m. maisonettes. The fully equipped kitchen stands ready to cater to your culinary desires, while the adjacent dining room becomes a...
Two-bedroom maisonettes with private yard
280 sq.m.
Three bedrooms
max. 6 persons
Loggia with jacuzzi
Pamper yourself in our Three-bedroom maisonettes - a testament to grandeur and sophistication spread over 280 sq.m.. As you step into these opulent residences, you'll be greeted by an atmosphere of elegance and functionality. The fully equipped kitchen stands as...
Three-bedroom maisonettes with loggia


420 sq.m.
Four bedrooms
max. 8 persons
Dedicated fitness area
Welcome to the epitome of luxury living at SamElyon Residence - оur extraordinary Two-Story Villa - is a harmonious blend of opulence, modernity, and natural splendor, promising an unparalleled experience that's truly beyond compare. As you step into this villa,...
Two-storey villa with private fitness and sauna
320 sq.m.
Four bedrooms
max. 8 persons
Private sauna
Experience the pinnacle of luxurious living at SamElyon Residence with our remarkable Three-Story Villa—a symbol of opulence, refinement, and the natural splendor that surrounds us. Upon entering this villa, you'll immerse yourself in an ambiance of sophistication and coziness. The...
Three-storey villa
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